Nibbling Away at the Corners

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After having so many problems for so long, I feel like this week we’ve finally gotten back on track. I’ve done a lot of work on several little things that have been nagging me, and they all add up to get us closer to our first public Alpha. Since all these updates are rather eclectic and sometimes unrelated, I’m gonna go into bullet-time-mode. Woah. Radar system now emits a sonar ping when new hostile contacts are detected. This helps you keep you eyes on where you’re going rather than checking …

Troy CorbinNibbling Away at the Corners

Onward Space Cowboy

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Well, after some work on boring behind the scenes stuff ( ie. the update server ) I’ve had some time to work on the game itself. One of the first things I did was to improve the basic shadow techniques I implemented for something that looks much better. The Shader takes more samples ( 16 vs 4 ) which gives a much smoother, softer shadow. I’m still working on eliminating all of the¬†moire¬†pattern artifacts, but I have a good idea on how I’ll go about doing it so that should …

Troy CorbinOnward Space Cowboy

New Update Server

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Hey folks, Sorry we disappeared, but there really hasn’t been much to tell except that my home server died. All the code was safe and backed up, as was all our art assets. So no, we didn’t pull a Project Zomboid. However, the server was being used as our Update Server that handed out copies of the Alpha build to all our good little Alpha testers. I had always intended to upgrade our infrastructure once we were ready for a wider release ( only a dozen have Alpha access at …

Troy CorbinNew Update Server