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Hey folks,

Sorry we disappeared, but there really hasn’t been much to tell except that my home server died. All the code was safe and backed up, as was all our art assets. So no, we didn’t pull a Project Zomboid.

However, the server was being used as our Update Server that handed out copies of the Alpha build to all our good little Alpha testers. I had always intended to upgrade our infrastructure once we were ready for a wider release ( only a dozen have Alpha access at this time ). The server’s crash forced the decision on me to go ahead and upgrade now.

So, today our Alpha program relaunches using Amazon’s CloudFront services. By storing our game on CloudFront, we’re making our distribution scheme more robust, with better download speeds and redundancy. With luck this setup can endure the test of time and will remain with us through the launch of version 1.0.

Naturally, since we’re pulling game data from a new location, I had to update the launcher. And naturally, I couldn’t automate the distribution of this new launcher because everyone’s old launcher was looking for my dead server to get a copy of the new launcher. D’oh!

Therefore, I’ve gone ahead and created a Download page on this site that only members of the Alpha team can reach. There they can download the new launcher and all subsequent updates to the game.

Notice to current Alpha testers:

If you do not yet have a login for this website, you will not be able to access the new launcher and game. Please create a login, and then send me a private message with your site name so I can give you permissions. If you’re in the Alpha then you already know how to get in touch with me.

Troy CorbinNew Update Server

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