2D Space Shooter: Reinvented

Back Story

Somewhere just outside the galactic core, your civilization is in ruins. The star Baraclease has drifted too close to your own solar system. Enormous gravitational power rocked the planets, and tore them to pieces.

As an advanced tactical star pilot, you remain, as well as the rest of your fleet. Resources are scarce, but you must survive. The others are fighting for survival too. Will you work together, or is it every man for himself?

Brass Tacks

Angular Velocity is a reinvention of the 2D Space Shooter. By combining gameplay elements from across multiple genres, we feature movement and combat that feels like Subspace, with MMORPG-like team combat roles, coupled with resource harvesting and recipe crafting like Minecraft.

  • Randomly generated maps that spread out almost infinitely.
  • Resource harvesting and crafting to develop new technologies, new ships, new weapons, and new base defenses.
  • Pseudo-realistic¬†Newtonian¬†physics
  • Player controlled online multiplayer servers.
  • Role specific ship, weapons, and technologies.

Who Made This?

NOP Games is a small indie development group with day jobs who want to be able to quit and concentrate on what they love: Making people happy through games.

Troy Corbin started programming games in 1984 for his Commodore 64. His only public offering was released in 2004: Knights Chess for KDE. Afterward he focused on User Interface and Web Design to pay the bills, until 2011 when he was introduced to Minecraft. This lead him to reenter the world of game programming as he developed a Bukkit server plugin for his public, Hardcore Deathban server called Amish Paradise.

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