Menus, Bug Tracking, and Oxygen

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Sorry about the lack of updates over the holidays. Aside from stuffing myself with plenty of turkey and dressing with the family, I’ve also been feeding myself a steady diet of GUI programming. Yes… it is every bit as dry, tedious, and boring as you would expect it to be. What I didn’t expect was how difficult it would be to troubleshoot. Many of us take for granted just how smoothly everything comes together with a windowed GUI, but there are tons of tiny little calculations going on behind the …

Troy CorbinMenus, Bug Tracking, and Oxygen

Launchers and Gravity Bombs

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Couple of quick updates before I head in to my day job. I created a new weapon as I was getting tired of just having the noisy cricket so the screenshot above introduces you to the gravity bomb! It’s big, slow, powerful, and pulls your enemies toward it. One bomb causes 80% damage to a ship’s hull. I also played around in Audacity and created an awesome sound effect for the bomb: While active it emits a low, throbbing drone sound that can be pretty eerie. I’m still working on the sound it makes …

Troy CorbinLaunchers and Gravity Bombs

November Gameplay Video

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Hey guys, our video finally finished uploading to Youtube. All the relevant details about changes are in the last post, so without further ado, here’s the video:  

Troy CorbinNovember Gameplay Video

These are Not the Updates We’re Looking For

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In our last post I spoke of all the mundane behind the scenes changes I was about to do. Umm, yeah… I only did one. I fixed one minor bug here or there and before I knew it the entire terrain rendering codebase had been overhauled. Here’s a list of changes in no particular order: New Tile types: Resources Iron and Carbon, Decorative Rocks Tweaked perlin noise generators that created the terrain. Introduced terrain height variance. Where previously the whole map fit neatly with right angles, now the terrain shows variations in …

Troy CorbinThese are Not the Updates We’re Looking For

It’s Alive!

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Hello everyone. We’re back in the saddle after a two month hiatus. A lot of other obligations came rushing at me at once and unfortunately Angular Velocity just had to take a back seat. While I have made a number of changes, none of them are particularly sexy. Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve done since we last spoke: Major changes to the sound system. Angular Velocity runs on top of lwjgl which provides OpenAL support. Unfortunately the code I had written to interface with this ( Foley ) was buggy and inefficient. …

Troy CorbinIt’s Alive!