We have an Inventory

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Hey gang, I’ve finally tackled a part of the game that I’ve kept on the back burner for too long… the Inventory system. The inventory has always been an ethereal concept in my mind because there are so many different ways to approach it. Do we go the Minecraft route where you literally carry tons of rock on your back, or should we go for a more realistic approach like Eve Online? At long last, the decision was made to go with something akin to Eve’s approach. A lot of disbelief has to be suspended to play …

Troy CorbinWe have an Inventory

A More Persistent World

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Sorry, no flashy new screenshots today. I’ve been hard at work under the hood today. While I have a graphical engine that is well along, much of the actual business of running a game is lacking and so I’ll be concentrating on that for a while. In particular, I’ve separated out the Chunk generating code into it’s own class. This will open the door to multiple Chunk generating algorithms in the future to give each world even more variety. Of more immediate concern, I have completely moved NPC spawning into the Chunk generator. Up …

Troy CorbinA More Persistent World

New Foley For A New Year

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Hey all! After taking a month off for the holidays, I’ve jumped back in the saddle to get this thing rocking again. I decided to start off with something that has been plaguing me for months… the sound system. Internally named Foley, my audio class frankly wasn’t working well. It simply wasn’t reliable. Sometimes a sound would play, sometimes it wouldn’t. And after adding the menu system, in game music was gone completely. So I think I finally have these issues licked. ( I know, I’ve though this before. ) I think my biggest …

Troy CorbinNew Foley For A New Year