We Have Destructible Terrain

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Aww yeah! Finally pushed myself to work on some important code for the game. By refining the sections regarding multiple weapons per vessle ( which has been fully tested and vetted now ) I created a “Mining” class of weapon that shoots straight down and damages the terrain below you. Oh yeah, I also now assigned health to terrain. 🙂 So each different type of terrain will take different levels of dedication to break. All this means it’s now possible for you to destroy terrain. Next up is to grant …

Troy CorbinWe Have Destructible Terrain

Radar Revolution!

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Hey gang, got a few more cool improvements done the last few days: Audio resources have traditional been loaded dynamically as needed. While this has made resource management easier, it meant that there was a huge pause of a few seconds when a large file, like a song, was loaded. I’ve moved all that into another thread now, which means loading a song will not pause the game anymore. It also means that the first time a sound effect is played, like an explosion, it is delayed. This effect however …

Troy CorbinRadar Revolution!