Motion Blur on Particles

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Hey gang! Haven’t had much to report this week as I’ve been crushing bugs introduced with the AI update. However, I have added one cool new feature to the rendering engine: motion blur on particles! So how does it work? First, we set up a Frame Buffer Object with the same dimensions as the window buffer. Be sure to bind a Texture Image for the color buffer, not a Render Buffer! We’ll need to be able to bind the texture later on. Next, you’ll need a way to distinguish those particles that …

Troy CorbinMotion Blur on Particles

A.I. – It’s Alive, Now with HUD

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This weekend has been great all around. After all the updates in our last post, I set to work bringing the enemy to life. Despite our Multiplayer focus, someone correctly reminded me that if there were no NPCs to encounter then this would get pretty stale. Our new AI isn’t terribly smart. However he can follow you and shoot at you, which really is enough to make the game dangerous. Like, sometimes dead in 5 seconds dangerous. Of course, when they start shooting back, you have to take damage. And when you …

Troy CorbinA.I. – It’s Alive, Now with HUD

Multisampling FBOs, New Skybox, New Ship Skin

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Mine has been awesome, because I’ve finally solved some some minor catastrophes behind the scenes at AV HQ, and also because I’m listening to Knife Party’s new album. 🙂 I’ve rewritten about 50% of the rendering engine to make it more flexable going forward. We’ve compartmentalized a number of our OpenGL commands so that it’s easier to draw scenes outside the scope of the main game scene, and also to make it easier to render to an FBO instead of the Window provided buffer. This …

Troy CorbinMultisampling FBOs, New Skybox, New Ship Skin