Four new elements are depicted in this shot: Limestone, Silica Sand, Copper, and Nitrogen. Can you spot them all?

New Materials, Schematics, and Inventory Controls

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Hey gang,

Got some great work in on the game today. Let’s cover this thing bullet style. Yeah!

  • Four new materials have been introduced into the world: Limestone, Silica Sand, Copper, and Nitrogen.
  • The world generators have been updated to not only include these materials, but to also change the distribution of the materials we already had for a better looking topography. This is something I’m sure I’ll be tinkering with for some time to come.
  • Added a new Schematic for… Circuitry! Circuitry is a basic building block that will be used to construct all kinds of computers in the future. Right now you can’t do anything with it, but it will play a vital role in crafting in the future. I’m not giving the pattern away, but I will say it involves silica sand and copper. That puts us up to two total schematics. Yay!
  • Added the Ship’s Menu. Right now it is bound to the ‘C’ key on your keyboard. The purpose of this menu is to show you all the components that make up your ship. In the future it will also be where you install upgraded components, like engines and weapons.
  • The close up model of the ship ( as seen in the Ship’s Menu and the Main Menu ) will now pan, tilt, and zoom when you use your right mouse button and mouse wheel.
  • Tired of picking up a container from a Jobber you just killed only to have your inventory filled with iron? Well never fear, selective jettison is here! Simple drag your unwanted items outside of the Inventory menu and drop them into the world to make a nice cargo container. You can even use right mouse clicks if you just want to jettison one cubic meter of an item.

Come Try It Out Today!

So yeah, there it is. Don’t forget, we’re currently in open pre-Alpha, so if you want to try the game in it’s current state you can! Just follow this link to our Feedback Friday entry and follow the instructions.

Troy CorbinNew Materials, Schematics, and Inventory Controls

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