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Pre Alpha Demo Publicly Available Today

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Hey folks,

Starting today you can download a Pre Alpha demo build of Angular Velocity! Be advised that there is a lot of functionality missing. For example, you only have 1 schematic you can craft, there is no multiplayer yet, and limited weapons, ships, and resources.

Having said all that, it’s important for us to start testing the core of the game across multiple systems, as well as working the bugs out of our custom update software.

System Requirements

  • Java 7 ( You can download it here )
  • OpenGL Compatible Video Driver ( Tested on ATI Radeon 9750 )
  • OpenAL Compatible Audio Driver
  • PC, Max, or Linux ( Tested on Windows 7 )
  • 100mb of Hard Drive Space
  • Minimum 4 gigabytes of RAM ( 8 gigabytes recommended )

How to Get The Pre Alpha Demo

Follow this link to download the updater: Angular Velocity Updater

  • Once downloaded, double click.
  • You’ll be prompted for a name and password. Enter any name you like, but the password for this public test must be gravity.
  • Click Launch to download the game and get started.
  • Files are hosted on a distribution service. Expect ~2-3 minutes download your first time ( @ 20mb connection )


  • Cursor keys control movement
  • Left-CTRL and Tab are your weapons ( You gotta try launching several Gravity Bombs! )
  • Left-ALT to mine the block under you
  • Space – Full Stop Sequence
  • I – Inventory and Crafting
  • E – Edit Mode
  • D – Self Destruct
  • J – Jettison Cargo
  • F3 – Debug Info
  • Print Screen – Screenshot
  • Escape – Menu and Quit

We Want To Hear Your Feedback

If you download and try the game, please let us know what you think! Every bug report helps us, even if it’s something you think we already know. You can reach me on twitter, or leave your comment on Reddit’s Feedback Friday thread.

Troy CorbinPre Alpha Demo Publicly Available Today

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