Houston, We Have OpenAL

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So after an exhausting day at work I came home and had an exhausting night of programming. At least there is symmetry.

The highlight of the night was porting over my basic audio subsystem from the past and implementing LWJGL’s OpenAL implementation, complete with Ogg Vorbis support.

What does having OpenAL mean? It means realistic 3D positional sounds, with panning, fading, and a Doppler effect. I would be incredibly excited if I were not completely exhausted.

In addition to all that, I also began working on the game launcher. Like all good AAA games, Angular Velocity will check for updates before launching the game. This will also interact with the authentication server to make sure the player has a legitimate account.

No new screenshots today, sorry. My hope is to implement alternate collision behaviors tomorrow ( right now everything bounces off of each other ), which will lead to damage, which will lead to destroyed ships, which will lead to explosions and cool graphics. 🙂 Then I will be comfortable releasing a demo video so you can see how the game actually feels.

Okay, Homer sleep now. Night.

Troy CorbinHouston, We Have OpenAL

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