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After starting this project as a post apocalyptic driving game ala Mad Max last August, all I can say is: What a long, strange trip it’s been.

I originally became frustrated trying to simulate car physics and stopped working on the game back in September. I hadn’t picked it up again until two weeks ago when I changed the concept and got some good work done on the engine.

A few pertinent facts on where we are and where we’re going:

  • Written in Java ( everyone groans )
  • Originally fully 2D with pixel blits to the screen to update graphics
  • As of this weekend, fully rendered using the LWJGL library and OpenGL
  • Procedurally generated, tiled terrain.
  • Basic collision detection system
  • Kickass soundtrack provided by my brother aka DJ Scorby
  • My other brother ( Daryl ) is working on backstory/script

So just what is Angular Velocity supposed to be? I plan to infuse elements of Subspace, Team Fortress, and Minecraft into a single omnibus online space faring sandbox. I’m sure that sounds like I’m trying to combine three completely different games but I promise: in my mind everything blends together beautifully.

I spent six hours Sunday converting from 2D blitting to OpenGL. Honestly I should have done it sooner. The screen updates are much smoother and our FPS doubled ( ~400-500 ). I’m sure once I add more players and graphical effects that will slow but as long as I can get a consistent ~120 on my admittedly older development computer I’ll be a happy guy.

Sometime this week I plan to release our first screenshots, a demo video, and a select few will have access to the pre-Alpha builds for testing.

Troy CorbinGoing 3D

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