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Sorry about the late update, but I’ve been trying to make the most of my programming time. Here’s a laundry list of updates since my list post:

  • Finished implementing textures for my tiles. You may recall that the new Vertex Array drawing method required my placing all tile textures into one. This now works beautifully.
  • Fixed a timing issue that changed your ship’s speeds based on the frame rate. Now you’ll travel the same distance and turn just as quickly no matter how many FPS you get.
  • Created a camera drag where it trails slightly behind your ship. This is HUGE. It adds an amazing new 3D perspective to the boring old 2D top down everyone knows and it really makes the game pop. Seriously, I’ll provide a screenshot, but you have to see it in motion to really appreciate what a game changer it will be. I’m stoked.
  • Fixed some issues with OpenAL Sources… basically I wasn’t taking care of them after I was done with them, and just let the Garbage Collection remove them. Now I detect when they’re done playing, label them as Zombies, and recycle them for the next sound effect needed. Works much faster than allocating new memory for each sound.
  • Implemented impact sounds. Now when an EntityBallistic ( read: bullet ) collides with another entity ( not the parent nor any other children if its’ same parent ) then it plays an impact sound, assigns damage, and removes itself.
  • Implemented new Light class and played around with OpenGL lighting some.
  • Began working on the Updater/Launcher. I’m eager to get a few eyes on this project, but currently it is set to store it’s assets in the user’s data directory ( c:\user\bob\appdata\roaming\.angularvelocity on Windows 7 ). Giving someone instructions on copying assets into that location is a real pain unless they’re very savvy, so I figured I might as well start on the launcher. I’ve never worked with Window components in Java before ( only KDE and C++ ) so this is taking some learning.

Hmm.. I think that about covers it. Frankly it takes some discipline to not just sit here and wander around watching the camera effect. I’ll work on getting a YouTube video so you can see it in action.

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