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( Stick through until the end, it will be worth it )

Hey gang, I decided to take a day off. ( Shocking I know ) but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been some news. I’ve been working on two areas of the game since my last update. The first is what I call the EntityForce. This little baby will be responsible for anything that influences other entities like ships and bullets. An example of an EntityForce would be an explosion. Not only would it have to display a fireball and have a cool sound effect, but the EntityForce would also be responsible for pushing nearby ships and bullets away. Kind of like a shockwave. An EntityForce could also be a black hole, sucking everything toward it. So yeah, an EntityForce will be an important part of the game.

The second part I’ve been working on is distribution. I can’t just plop down a bunch of .jar files and .dlls and expect everyone to know what to do with them. And we certainly need to ensure that everyone is capable of running the game. So I’ve been working on making sure it’s easy to install the game, all it’s resources, and that it will work correctly across all platforms ( and since this is a Java game running on top of LWJGL’s awesome library, that means Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris )

Well, despite none of that being overly exciting, I hope I have something here that will interest you. Our first video! I finally got video capture to work with the game ( who knew running inside the Eclipse environment could stop video capture? ) It’s a bit choppy and not nearly as crisp as I would have liked, but hopefully it will give you a good sense for how the game feels. Stick around at least until the :40 mark. That’s when things get interesting. 🙂 Please remember: these are not the final graphics.

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