Angular Velocity Engine Test Screenshot

Quick Pre-Work Update

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Hey all, wanted to catch up quickly before I head into my day job. Attached is the first screenshot from our new in game Screenshot feature (F12). Woot! Last night I updated several textures so that they woudl fit more with a sci-fi theme rather than the old textures from my car game. I also implemented the screenshot, Lighting ( which still needs a lot of work ) and I optimized the rendering process. The optimization includes culling faces, rendering only the top of a tile when it is surrounded …

Troy CorbinQuick Pre-Work Update

Going 3D

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After starting this project as a post apocalyptic driving game ala Mad Max last August, all I can say is: What a long, strange trip it’s been. I originally became frustrated trying to simulate car physics and stopped working on the game back in September. I hadn’t picked it up again until two weeks ago when I changed the concept and got some good work done on the engine. A few pertinent facts on where we are and where we’re going: Written in Java ( everyone groans ) Originally fully 2D with pixel …

Troy CorbinGoing 3D